Everything You Need to Know About “June Grass”

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If you’re a regular on our Facebook page or you’ve been watching our Live Beach Cams, you’ve probably noticed a distinct hue change within our beautiful Emerald Coast waters. It’s officially June Grass season, and on the blog, we’re giving you everything you need to know about June Grass and when you can expect it to clear out!

What is “June Grass?”

Well, it’s not grass at all, for starters. Floating marine algae, Cladophora, or “June Grass,” as it’s referred to by the locals. It starts to be a nuisance around the same time every year, but despite its name, can appear throughout the entire Summer.

When does it go away?

Your guess is as good as ours! But what we can tell you is that it’s more likely to appear after a storm, heavy rain session, or closer to fresh water outlets. Fresh water systems are full of rich nutrients that act as a fertilizer for June Grass. Your best bet is to keep up with our Live Beach Cams to check the status of the beach before heading out.

Is it safe?

Yep! June Grass is perfectly safe. It’s annoying, slimy, and a bit gross, but it’s perfectly harmless. In fact, it’s necessary for the ecosystem to thrive. It’s completely unrelated to “red tide,” and does not create toxins so you’ll be safe to go for a dip, should you not mind risking a bit getting caught in your hair or swim trunks.

You’re good-to-go if you’re visiting the Emerald Coast this June, but the coast may just be a little greener. But don’t let that change your plans, there are plenty of beachfront rentals with pools at Five Star Properties. Always be sure to always check our beach cams to get updated on beach conditions. And when you live like a local, a little June Grass won’t keep you away for a day on the sand.



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