The world is filled with unique beaches, but none quite like ours. We have traveled to and from, seen beaches east and west, but there is something undeniably different about the shores that line Florida’s Gulf Coast. Something we feel everyone should be able to experience. This mindset led to the creation of Old 98, a company founded by local entrepreneur, Josh Mclean. What started out as a few beach cameras in Destin grew into an overnight sensation, and soon gave way to the idea that there’s more to these streets than just pavement.

Scenic Highway 98, or as we locals call it Old 98, is a six-mile beach road that links Destin to Miramar Beach. Prior to the construction of New 98, this two-lane road was all that connected the peninsula to the rest of the state. But Old 98 is not just a road you drive on anymore – it’s a road you drive towards. Home to some of the most sought-after beach communities and extravagant vacation homes in Florida, Old 98 is as much of a destination as it is a lifestyle.

It’s home to that beach that keeps you coming back year after year. That picture-perfect place you want to share with your family and friends. That’s why we developed Old 98. Whether near or far, we want to help you experience that beach. Those positive vibes and heart-warming moments. From beach cameras to beach gear, everything we do is to help you embrace that totally relaxed state of mind.

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