4 Reasons To Visit Destin Florida This Summer

Looking forward to the sweet smell of Summer in the air? The sea air, sunscreen, and food grilling? That sums up the smell of Destin during the Summer months. It is a smell and feeling we all long for. But Destin is so much more than Summer ambiance and sunshine. Check out these four other reasons you should visit Destin this Summer.

1. The Iconic Beaches

Frangista Beach - Miramar Beach, FL

Thanks to the sugar-white sands and emerald waters, our beaches have become world-famous. The sand in Destin feels soft, powdery, and is often compared to fine sugar. It feels amazing between the toes and is so beautiful to look at! The waters are emerald green and so clear that you can see deep into the water. The beaches are a must-see and a must-visit.

2. Worlds Luckiest Fishing Village

Did you know that Destin is known as the “World’s Luckiest Fishing Village”?

“Destin boasts the widest variety of fish species in the area, direct access to the Gulf of Mexico, and the nation’s largest commercial fishing fleet.

A look at any nautical map will show you that Destin’s quick and easy access to the deepest depths of the Gulf sets it apart from nearby ports. Because various species of fish live at different depths, anglers can quickly reach all depths of fishable water featuring 20 types of edible game fish.” DestinFWB 

Take a deep-sea fishing charter out, or spend the day fishing off of a pier.

3. Summer Activities and Events

In addition to fishing, there are so many activities to enjoy all summer! A fan favorite is Crab Island. If you are unfamiliar with Crab Island, learn more about it in our Crab Island blog! By summer, the water is warmed up and ideal for those summer days in the water. Paddleboarding, kayaking, and jet-skiing in the Gulf are also great ways to cool off in the summer heat.

Events are also plentiful in the Summer. From concert series to fireworks, there are always events happening in Destin!

4. The Accommodations

Destin boasts stunning accommodations. Enjoy views of the gulf from high-rise destinations, walk straight out to the beach from a gulf-front hotel, or find comfort in luxurious homes across the area. There is somewhere for everyone. Need help finding the perfect stay? Check out Five Star Properties or Bliss Beach Rentals to find the perfect accommodation!


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